This post is coming at you thanks to Duana. On our group chat just now, she gave us a little joy amidst all the bleakness and frustration – our site is back up now after going down all morning due to what we think is suspicious activity. I’m telling you this because I really, really needed what I’m about to show you. Which started with this tweet asking a very, very, very important question:

Duana’s contribution is excellent: 

This declaration is even more excellent – and it is also how I feel:

And then someone else posited that Joshua Jackson is NOT Leonardo DiCaprio (we probably all agree):

You know who would KNOW, though? Like who could confirm? Jodie Turner-Smith. And… SHE DID. 

This is where we find our joy, people. Go now and fight the ‘rona by flattening the curve with the knowledge that Joshua Jackson eats pussy and serves pleasure and Jodie Turner-Smith is living her best life. Here they are, deliriously in love, on Saturday out for brunch.