Over the last three months, Jodie Turner-Smith, styled by Wayman + Micah, has made a case for herself to be taken out of contention from any best dressed conversation. This is a short list.


Zendaya is at the top of it, because if she shows up anywhere, everybody stands down. And Tessa Thompson is getting there too. Tessa also works with Wayman + Micah and they have been killing it with JTS, with look after look after look, a barrage of fashion bombs so relentless that part of me wants it to stop, just so we can take a breath! Because it’s just too much slay!

Anyway, here’s the latest – Gucci, green, feathers, flawless: 


Jodie was at the Academy Museum Gala without husband Joshua Jackson, but she wasn’t the only one who attended without their partner. Justin wasn’t with Hailey Bieber, Julia Roberts came without Danny Moder, Eddie Redmayne’s wife, Hannah, wasn’t with him, and Kaia Gerber arrived solo, without Austin Butler, who actually is an Oscar contender this season for his performance as Elvis. 

Kaia was actually at this same event last year with then-boyfriend Jacob Elordi. That said, she and Austin are much more low-key about their relationship than it was when she was with Jacob, and she wasn’t even that open about it with Jacob. Austin is also filming right now and they don’t seem to be in that much of a hurry to get him out there on the campaign trail – which, I think, is smart. If he’s nominated, he’ll likely be the youngest candidate in the Best Actor race, and you don’t want the kid to seem too thirsty. 


As for Kaia’s look….

I mean, it’s not hard for her, but this is spectacular. I love that the top of this look is sheer but doesn’t look delicate, doesn’t seem like it would tear easily. I love that it’s black but looks brown in some light, right? And of course there’s so much nostalgia here, because this is Alaia, and in the 80s and 90s, her mother, Cindy Crawford, was an Alaia regular. 


And finally, also flying solo and sheer at the Academy Museum gala – Olivia Wilde in Alexandre Vauthier. She’s wearing the sh-t out of this dress, it looks GREAT on her. Like Kaia, I appreciate that she didn’t do anything too fussy with the hair. You don’t have to when the dress is working this well. 

But my mind is on the petty, because I’m a small person like that. Anastasia wrote earlier about Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber shutting down speculation once and for all that they’re beefing with a photo meant to, in no certain terms, tell both their fanbases that enough is enough. 

Can’t help but think that, well, it’s not like Olivia and Florence Pugh have both had opportunities to do the same… and yet that photo has not materialised.