It has been eleven days since love died, aka we found out that Jodie Turner-Smith filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson. I think most of us knew something was in the wind—there was a reason I was keeping track when they showed up at events together and when Jodie was rolling solo!—but it still felt like a blind side when the news broke. RIP Jodie and Joshua, one of the more fun celebrity couples. Please, culture gods, don’t make us replace them with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. I mean, it’s fun right now, but I don’t want to take them seriously for more than like, the length of this football season. 


Here is Jodie, now officially in her solo era, out and about in LA yesterday in an amaaaaaazing jumpsuit. I converted to the church of jumpsuits a few years ago and I love them. So comfy, and also, so convenient. Not in the restroom, but in terms of creating outfits, it’s just one thing and then boom, you’re done. As someone who is not an outfit girl and never much for dresses, I love having one-piece options with pants. And I love a good denim coverall, the most practical of all jumpsuits. What I love about Jodie’s denim coveralls is the ratio of shape to fit. It’s roomy but not loose, the trousers are cut reminiscent of boyfriend jeans, big pockets. Love everything about it, love Jodie, hate that love died but also…sort of can’t wait to see what Jodie’s solo era is all about.