As mentioned in today’s site open, today is our final gossip day of the year. Unless something major goes down, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle crashing royal Christmas at Sandringham or Michael B Jordan eloping with Selena Gomez…which… would make me actually want to work over the holidays. Until then though, we’re shutting it down until January 3, 2023.


Here’s to a joyful, fun, and relaxing holiday season. And may there be great gossip in 2023!

There’s no debate here – Jodie Turner Smith was one of the style stars of the year, just a relentless serve, look after look after look after look. It may have been one of the best style streaks we’ve ever seen given the volume and the profile of the events she attended and the carpets she walked with the variety of fashion that was showcased. (Go Fug Yourself)

John Mayer did the Call Your Daddy podcast and may as well have been doing an impression of himself because at this point, he’s basically a caricature: exactly who we think he is and who he claims not to be but can’t help being. John, who is rumoured to be involved with Kiernan Shipka, now claims he doesn’t really date anymore and that he’s never been a womaniser. But this is not a man who understands himself as well as he believes. The most insight you’ll ever get about John Mayer isn’t from John Mayer, it's from Jessica Simpson. If you’ve read her book, you know. (DListed)


As I said from before Harry & Meghan was released on Netflix, the big winner was always going to be Netflix. And now they’re gloating about it – many, many, many people have watched Harry & Meghan, and it looks like the numbers for volume two are higher than volume one. Which the royal rota and the British tabloids won’t be happy about but they were kinda the ones who talked about it the most?! (Celebitchy) 

I’m like Jimmy Kimmel – nothing is funnier than kids swearing. Like the most foul swearing coming out of a kid’s mouth is pure entertainment. (Pajiba)

I’m on a plane right now and this quiz took forever to load but it was SO worth it! Because now I know which 2022 scandal best suits my personality! Obviously I was hoping that I’m Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine but it turns out that I’m Olivia Wilde getting served onstage in Vegas. Not mad at it! (Buzzfeed)