Taylor Swift wasn’t on tour when she dated Tom Hiddleston. Let me say that another way: Tom Hiddleston didn’t date Taylor Swift when she was on tour. Can you imagine what that would have been like? Tom Hiddleston in head to toe tour merch waving his arms and legs around in VIP. I feel sad that we never got to see that. But also, I understand why she left him on the side of the road. It was too much, even for her. 

This weekend, Taylor performed at two Jingle Balls – first in New York on Saturday and then in London last night. Joe Alwyn was there for both shows. He was seen filming her on his phone during her set while he was watching her work. This is an undeniable turn-on. It’s basically what our podcast, Show Your Work, is all about: how sexy it is to watch someone work. We’ve already established that Joe is not Tom. He and Taylor have remained largely undercover through their relationship. Again, if this had been Tom Hiddleston watching Taylor work, he may have actually worn his “I (heart) Taylor” tank top and brought joy to the gossip universe all over again. As enjoyable as that would have been though, the focus of that observation would have been Tom’s try and not the fact that, even beyond famewhoring and image management, it is attractive, for both celebrities and civilians, when the person you love is very good at their job. 

After her show in New York, Taylor and Joe were photographed holding hands heading back to her apartment after hanging out with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. This is Blake sitting behind Taylor in the SUV: 

Taylor Swift behind Blake Lively in an SUV

After her show in London, Taylor and Joe joined his brother and other family members, to watch Ed Sheeran perform. Fans saw them swaying together, Joe’s arms around her shoulders, and apparently they were kissing too. Very tactile. 

Here’s a video:

Now that the love sh-t is out of the way though, let’s talk about her reputation boot game. Taylor’s reputation boot game is STRONG. 

As I noted last month about her reputation style, it’s been oversized on top, a lot of leg, and combats. A variety of dope combats. The black studded ones she wore for the NYC performance are my favourite. But the red velvets in London are sick too. 

Now that she’s fulfilled her Jingle Ball commitments, it should slow down for Taylor for the holidays. She’s remained pretty underground in between performances. As we’ve seen, when Taylor wants to, she can be pretty elusive (though obviously no one can be as elusive as Mimi butterfly). We know now that last Christmas she was falling in love with Joe, very privately. And she wrote a song about their New Year’s Day. Will this holiday be as quiet as the last? Will she and Joe remain quiet until the tour picks up in the spring?