Yesterday, Lainey wrote about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s PDA at the U.S Open.  It was a lot. What’s even more awkward than Sophie and Joe licking each other’s faces in public is that they were with Joe’s brother Kevin (the lesser Jonas) and his wife Danielle. I’ve gone on many double dates with my brother and his wife and, um, rule number one of double dating with a sibling is to keep the PDA to a minimum. 

Aside from Sophie and Joe’s display for the cameras, Joe and Kevin put on a show of their own. Here they are chugging beers and flossing. 


Can we all agree that the floss dance is officially dead? Also, when did Kevin get fun? I remember Kevin Jonas as the stiff older JoBro no one cared about. If you were a Kevin stan, please explain. I’m only telling you to @ me because I know you don’t exist. I’ll take Joe and Kevin’s beer-chugging bro down over public face-sucking any day. 

Sophie (in a great suit) and Danielle weren’t chugging beers but looked like they were having a good time anyway. I’m very into how expressive Sophie is during the match. This is me at home on my couch watching Serena. I also love this because you don’t typically see such overt cheering at tennis matches. There are strict rules about it at Wimbledon. The US Open is a lot more relaxed. It’s actually the perfect date activity.

Missing from the first Jonas family outing was youngest JoBro Nick and Priyanka Chopra. They were in Mexico until yesterday when they joined Joe and Sophie for the Serena Williams’ match (rough first set, strong second, Serena looks GOOD). 


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Based on Photo Assumption and nothing else, I’m going to guess that Priyanka and Sophie are not as close as Sophie and Danielle. Priyanka and Nick spend the whole match cuddling and basically looking like they exist in a world of their own. It’s actually pretty adorable. Maybe it’s less about Sophie and Priyanka not being close and more about how close Nick and Priyanka must be at all times. You know those couples. They are still in their early, honeymoon phase. Nick and Priyanka have barely spent any time apart since they got engaged. They are *that* couple, the ones who can’t keep their hands off each other. I’m surprised they weren’t the ones face-sucking for the cameras.