Crazy Rich Asians won the box office last weekend. Lara Jean Covey is waiting for you on Netflix every day when you get home. (I won’t out you, but I know who you are, because you’ve written to me telling me how many times you’ve watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – and I’m right there with you.) Mulan has officially kicked off production. This was announced yesterday:

And Searching is out in theatres tomorrow, #StarringJohnCho and directed by Aneesh Chaganty. In support of what’s been called #AsianAugust, Henry Golding and Jon M Chu did this:


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And then John Cho called Henry “dreamy”. These are the bromances we deserve!

I need a photo of John and Henry in real life side by side for, um, my collection. Don’t tell me your head wouldn’t explode. Better still, can we put them in a movie together? Imagine. Two hours of watching these two in scene after scene. 

OK but on a serious, way less pervy note, please read Aneesh’s letter about Searching. And please consider seeing it this weekend. I’m trying to find time to make it a triple bill: Searching first, followed by another viewing of Crazy Rich Asians, and then Destination Wedding. 


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