Dear Gossips,   

My parents were divorced for ten years and during that time, I spent the school year in Toronto with my dad and the summers and other school holidays in Hong Kong with my ma. Dad and I would go on a lot of road trips, they were our thing. So I know I’m going to be a mess this weekend when I watch John Cho in Don’t Make Me Go. The film starts streaming on Amazon on Friday. Here’s the trailer – I started sobbing 20 seconds into it. 



John was with co-star Mia Isaac and director Hannah Marks last night at the premiere. Hannah has been acting since she was eleven. In 2017, Rolling Stone named her to their 25 Under 25: Musicians, Actors, Activists Changing the World list. Now she’s promoting a film starring John Cho, who was on her wish list for the story, which was not originally written with either of the leads in mind. Once John and Mia were cast, the script was modified to reflect the actors’ respective backgrounds – because, of course, the themes that we’re dealing with here (coming-of-age, single parenthood, love and loss) are universal. 

So lots of promise all around in front of and behind the camera as we see new talent emerging in Hollywood and how they’re using their opportunities. 

Anyway, if you’re like me and in the mood for a good mid-summer cry this weekend, this might be your movie. Also… John Cho’s hair. 

Yours in gossip,