John Mayer claims he doesn’t care that Katy Perry gave him a gold medal in f-cking. But in private? If there really was a tangible thing that represented his achievement, he’d have it mounted at his house. Wait no. Because there actually is something tangible: his dick. So I wonder now if that’s how he introduces it to new strangers. This is my dick. It has a gold medal. (Dlisted) 

Where William, Kate, Harry, Big G, and Charlotte will be this weekend. I always thought it was a lonely place for Princess Diana. And while I understand there may have been few options, it seems so remote, and if it’s hard for me to think of her all isolated like that, I can’t imagine what it would be like for her sons. By the way, while we’re here, Meghan Markle is in London right now. She likely won’t be at the ceremony but she’ll be at home, as emotional support for Harry perhaps. Is that significant? That she’s with him on this particular weekend? (Cele|bitchy) 

By Rita Ora standards, this isn’t the worst look ever. However, she was wearing it to a garden party. So, really, it’s a draw. As for the answer to the question: what’s the latest on Rita Ora? There is no latest. Everything is the same. You still don’t understand why she’s called a singer, you can’t name a single Rita Ora song, and this doesn’t look like it will change in the foreseeable future. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Wait. Did TMZ just call Donald Trump “petty”? How did this post pass the Harvey Levin pro-Trump filter? “Petty” is pretty mild though when describing what Trump tweeted this morning. So maybe that’s how the Harvey Levin pro-Trump filter is applied. As for how effective that filter is, well, just look down at the comments on this article and it’s pretty clear the demo that TMZ appeals to and, perhaps, represents (TMZ) 

Twins? That seems like the narrative the family would want to pursue. Of course it is. I can probably name them for you too. All one-syllable, to maintain tradition. Ready? True for the girl and Soul for the boy. North, Saint, True, Soul. Come on. That’s pretty good, non? (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

Pretty sure this Sean Penn film was booed in Cannes. And now you can see if it deserved to be. You can also hear Charlize Theron speaking in a different accent. Charlize spoke Afrikaans when she was growing up and she says she learned how to speak English properly in America which is why she speaks English with an American accent. This reminds me – you watched The Handmaid’s Tale, right? Are you more into Max Minghella now? I only like Max Minghella when he speaks with an American accent. His British accent does nothing for me. (Salon)