John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have been together almost three years and the parents of a child, Malcolm, born November 2021. 


A lot of people have a lot of thoughts about this relationship and they share those thoughts often on social media, to the point of toxicity. After all this time, it may not be as intense as it once was, but that ugliness is still out there, and it may have been stoked this week when Olivia shared a photo of John on Instagram (she doesn’t do it often) after he won an Emmy for writing for his comedy special Baby J. 

And especially after they made their first red carpet appearance at the Governors Awards last night, which John hosted. (Yes, his jokes were way better than Jo Koy.) If you’re going to choose a premiere event, it might as well be an event put on by the Oscar Academy. But also, if it’s going to be your premiere on a red carpet, you better kill… and they did. 


Olivia looks amazing, holy sh-t. The dress is whatever, but the showstopper, for me, is her hair worn slick and straight and middle-parted and serving such good face. The face is giving! And … his face is giving too? 


I know a lot of people are but I’m not usually attracted to John Mulaney. I do find him attractive though with the slightly longer hair. He looks really good in this shot, and a little bit like Jason Bateman? 

Anyway, the bigger point is that they seem happy, super happy. And since I’m not a hater (of them), I’m happy for them.