John Mulaney changed lawyers in an effort to hasten his divorce from Anna Marie Tendler. What really kills me is referring to Mulaney’s year as a “packed schedule”. (DListed)


Olympic gymnast Suni Lee on her post-Olympic plans and what’s next. She’s just 18! She has to finish college! She’s barely STARTED college! It always blows my mind how young some Olympians are. Watching Lee’s family watch her win was truly one of the most heartwarming moments of the Olympics, nothing but good times and good vibes for Suni Lee, I hope. (Popsugar)

Emma Roberts had a baby with Garrett Hedlund at the end of 2020, but she just attended Paris Hilton’s wedding with a man other than Garrett. They’ve also unfollowed each other on Instagram. And this concludes the What Is Up With Garrett Hedlund update for the…year. (Celebitchy)

The cast of House of Gucci continues to go places wearing things. No one is doing this better than Gaga, but bless Jared Leto’s heart for trying. (Go Fug Yourself)

Speaking of House of Gucci, Vanity Fair dug into the archive for this 1995 article about the murder of Maurizio Gucci. This is a GREAT primer for the movie, and honestly, VF’s annual subscription is worth it just for the classic true crime reporting. (Vanity Fair)