A New Yorker did an impression of John Oliver on the street, for John Oliver. John Oliver took it well, which immediately makes him a better sport than 50% of the celebrities Tom Hiddleston has done impressions in front of. (Pajiba)


Explore the terrible fashion of the post-grunge 1990s and 2000s with this retrospective on the Jingle Ball. (Go Fug Yourself)

LiveNation is reportedly “pressuring” employees who worked the Astroworld concert that turned into a mass casualty event to sign an updated liability waiver. They’re holding the workers’ $7.50/hour wages until they get the updated waivers returned with signatures. Throw the entire concert promoting company into the sea. (DListed)

Tall Child John Mulaney is now officially the parent of an actual child, along with grown woman Olivia Munn. The Munn-Mulaney Maybe Baby is here, a boy, and his parents are still together despite earlier rumors of a split. Welcome to the world, Maybe Baby. (Celebitchy)

The divine Rachel Syme explores the “feminine urges” of Kirsten Dunst’s cavalcade of distinctive characters. A must read for Kiki fans, or anyone who appreciates the many inane paradoxes of womanhood. (The New Yorker)