Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 is, domestically, the lowest-grossing movie of the franchise so far. However it’s made over $460 million worldwide which is, internationally speaking, about the same as Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. That accounts for 77% of the movie’s total. So, based on the foreign market, they could probably go ahead with yet another one. If Johnny Depp wants to. And given that he’s short on cash these days, he’ll probably want to. As long as he can keep convincing Chinese moviegoers to see his movies, since Pirates 5 made more money in China than in North America. 

Here’s Johnny celebrating the possibility of getting more money out of Disney (while not showing up on time) at the Brando eco-resort in Tahiti. By now I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Brando-Depp connection. Johnny idolises Brando. Brando wasn’t punctual. He also used an earpiece on film sets so he wouldn’t have to learn his lines. And he loved lots of money for little work. So of course Johnny bought an island. Brando had an island too. This is how the photo agency describes Johnny’s visit:

Johnny Depp is enjoying a vacation at the Brando on the Tetiaroa atoll in Polynesia. Johnny takes full advantage of the beauty of the paradisiacal place and particularly loves the cuisine signed by the starred chef, Guy Martin, in the gourmet restaurant of the hotel Les Mutinés by Guy Martin. Johnny Depp was a close friend of Marlon Brando (his mentor), it's his first stay at the Brando, he is "crazy about being there". Johnny Depp is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Tetiaroa Society, the research station on the island, he is himself very involved in sustainable development.

For the uninitiated, if the wording here wasn’t clear enough, these photos were obviously sent out to publicise the visit and the property. Ending on “sustainable development” makes me laugh though. This is a man who flies wine in from all over the world to where he’s working so that he can have that particular Bordeaux at that particular time.

Can we talk about his pants though? Today on a shoot, I was attracted to a guy based only on how he was wearing his pants – hot. He was wearing them hot. Twenty years ago, maybe, the way Johnny’s wearing his pants would have been considered hot. Now it’s considered past. Except maybe in China?