This is the question that people have been asking. Or, rather, the subtext to all of these headlines you’re seeing online about Johnny Depp and his appearance in fan photos circulating on social media after The Hollywood Vampires performed in Russia. Johnny is thinner, even gaunt – I just googled the word “gaunt” and articles about him popped up top on the search list. But is this a new thing? Johnny Depp hasn’t seemed OK in a while. Amber Heard alleged drug use in her divorce filing. His former managers at The Management Group talked about drug use and alcohol abuse. His former bodyguards are suing him and they too have mentioned Johnny’s drug lifestyle. The Hollywood Reporter last year called him a “star in crisis”. So…this isn’t new. What also isn’t new is the enabling. Whoever he spends time with either can’t say “no” to him or they don’t want to. 

Anyway, here is one of the photos in question:


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You know what people aren’t talking about re: these photos? Many of them were taken after the Vampires concern in Moscow and there’s a rumour that the fans who met Johnny for the opportunity to take pictures with him had to pay. Like $1000 per fan, allegedly. Not sure how legit this is because, you know, news out of Russia these days isn’t known for its reliability. But, I mean, we know he needs the money. 

Here’s Johnny arriving at his hotel in Berlin yesterday. Someone’s taking that Keith Richards thing too seriously. He looks like he needs a LOT of kale. And kimchi. Every superfood on the market needs to be added to Johnny’s diet.