I don’t know much about JoJo Siwa apart from the fact that she used to be on Dance Moms and now she’s a wildly popular YouTube star with a very young demo. Besides her 12 million subscribers on YouTube, she’s got another 31 million followers on TikTok and 10 million on Instagram and half a million on Twitter. The girl’s got serious influence over impressionable young minds around the world, so it’s a huge deal that the 17-year-old has chosen to publicly come out this weekend. 


She started the announcement on TikTok last week, posting a clip of her lip-syncing to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga — specifically highlighting the line about being on the right track in life, no matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, lesbian, or trans. Then she tweeted a picture of a t-shirt her cousin gave her which reads: “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” 

In case her t-shirt wasn’t obvious enough, she went live on Instagram on Saturday to thank fans for their support over the past 48 hours. 


“In my career I’ve always been super, super happy. My career has always made me super happy. Being on tour has always made me super happy, new products have always made me super happy, videos have always made me super happy, songs have always made me super happy — but, like personally, I have never ever… ever been this happy before.”

She's also making it clear she’s not ready to put a label on her sexuality, because she doesn’t really know what label best fits how she feels yet, simply explaining, “I think humans are awesome. I think humans are really incredible people. I want to share everything with the world, I really really do, but I want to keep things in my life private until they’re ready to be public. Right now, what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love that it’s okay and that it’s awesome and that the world is there for you.” 


But, as expected, not everybody is there for her big announcement. When I looked at her Instagram post, one of the top comments was: “My daughter will never watch you again.” Obviously that’s homophobic, but you also have to laugh because JoJo is a freaking weirdo. Like the energy, the multicoloured outfits, the laugh, the oversized bows in her hair — she’s always existed outside of convention. But now you think she’s weird because she might not marry a man? I think there are a lot of parents out there who were happy to have their children, especially young girls, watch JoJo because her brand has remained clean and asexual, even as she’s going through her teenage years. Parents pointed to her as an example of keeping your childlike innocence and (to be quite honest) abstaining from sex. Now that she’s revealed she’s not straight, she may have lost part of that innocence in some parents’ eyes. There’s this idea that when you’re straight, your sexuality is just there, but when you’re queer, it’s somehow the defining piece of your personality. I think JoJo Siwa is going to help push back against that stereotype because her content isn’t going to change, just because she’s publicly out. She’s always been a role model and she’ll continue to be a great example for young people. She said she’s never been happier and isn’t that what all parents want for their children? 

Also attached - JoJo touching down in Vancouver yesterday where she'll be working on a project until March.