Everyone seems to be getting in on the gossip nostalgia these days, even celebrities. Jon Cryer is reflecting on Charlie Sheen's “warlock” era, which reminds me that during that time, Duana and I were working out daily with Colin Farrell. I’m making that sound a lot longer than it actually lasted. It was Oscar week and for some reason we kept seeing him at our hotel gym. Colin Farrell was, at the time, Duana’s big celebrity crush. I was the one who got there first on the first day and I texted her and I was like, um, I know you don’t really work out but if you want to scramble together some clothes that look like exercise gear you should come here because Colin is here and she showed up 10 minutes later in probably something lime green and orange. Anyway, Colin was watching all the Charlie sh-t go down on the gym TV monitors and talking about it with his trainer. Not talking sh-t though. He was sympathetic. He knew that he was seeing something very troubling. (Dlisted) 


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are bringing the receipts in their lawsuit against the British tabloids who’ve been reporting that she somehow abandoned her father in the lead-up to their wedding, even though he staged pap photos and temporarily took over TMZ and turned it into the Thomas Markle Zone. In court filings ahead of the Friday hearing, it’s revealed that Harry and Meghan texted and called Thomas repeatedly. Which is not exactly how the Daily Mail was telling the story. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kate Hudson’s birthday was this week and the FUG Girls are doing a retrospective on her outfits. You know that infamous Stella McCartney dress that she wore to the Oscars, I think it was in 2001? Looking back at it now, is it as hideous as you remember it through 2020 eyes? It’s not for me… but the hair, the hair was very, very, VERY bad. Still bad. Will always be bad. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Some people are f-cking assholes on Twitter. Others are very, very funny. As Duana has been writing about this week, Black Twitter has been hilarious for days about Babyface and Teddy Riley. And Twitter is also being funny, but not as funny, when it comes to reimagining movies with Danny DeVito. I lost it when Cats came up. (Pajiba) 

Here’s another conversation that happened on Twitter: what would happen if Tony Stark were in charge right now during the pandemic? Well, for starters, Tony would have developed a vaccine in an hour. And then he’d get bored and Pepper would have to handle manufacturing and distribution. She has always been the more efficient leader. (The Mary Sue)