Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson were seen outside their house picking up packages yesterday. I’m not using those photos because I prefer these ones of Joshua looking like he just worked out and going for a smoothie from Friday. Will explain more about this in a minute. The point here is that as of yesterday, their baby had yet to arrive. 

The last time I posted about Jodie and Joshua, it was last week when he came home with a new Tesla and I worried about calling it a “push present” because what if it’s offensive and the story had landmines all over it. Then Jodie tweeted this:

Now you see why I was covering my ass. Also he’s her husband. 

As for Josh and the photos attached to this post of him presumably coming from the gym, this is what Jodie tweeted the next day: 

Eating ice cream is correct. Eating ice cream in a robe is the best life decision to pass on to a child. These two are already excellent parents to their daughter who… will be an April baby. An April 1st baby? They call it a “fool’s” day but in my life, April 1 has always been the best. My parents were married on April 1. My husband was born on April 1. My book was published on April 1. Do not be afraid of April 1. It is a great day.