Everybody’s favourite Joshua Jackson stepped out with his daughter yesterday in the rain in New York, like a true Vancouver boy. That’s what we do in Vancouver since it rains so much – we get on with it, as you see Josh doing here. 


He also went out with Jodie Turner-Smith’s mother, Hilda, at some point. That’s a king, right there, spending solo time with MIL. 

Speaking of Jodie, she did an interview a couple of days ago with PEOPLE and talked about their relationship. And I really love what she said about why they’re together: because they chose to be: 

"I think it's really beautiful to be with someone who is so supportive and so loving. We're so similar in so many ways. We're like mirrors for each other. And I just really love that human being. We high five each other all the time about how great we chose," she adds laughing. "We're like, 'You did a great job choosing,' and then we're like, 'Yeah, you too.'"


Too often, love is talked about like it’s magic. Like we’re passively waiting around for it to arrive. Romanticising love like this can set up unrealistic expectations. And when those expectations aren’t met, disappointment inevitably sets in and the relationship struggles. We can be active participants in love. And this is critical, in my opinion, in a commitment. Every day you make a choice to be with that person. You decide. Approaching love with that tweak in perspective, at least for me, has helped me be a better partner. It’s also, um, one of my favourite comebacks, which I stole from my friend Danielle. 

On minor sh-t, obviously, but when my husband is frustrated with me because I’m being a pain the ass (which is often), my answer will be, “You CHOSE me! This is your choice!” In my experience, this works. Try it some time.