Jude Law, the young Dumbledore, is soon to be one child away from an entire quidditch team. Here are Jude and his wife Phillipa Coan on Sunday. Jude and Phillipa were married last year and this is their first child together, and the baby will be Jude’s sixth. He’s father to Rafferty (23), Iris (19), and Ruby (17) with ex-wife Sadie Frost; Sophia (10) with Samantha Burke, and Ada (5) with musician Catherine Harding. He needs that Harry Potter money, holy sh-t. And he’s broken his tie with Hugh Grant who has five children with two women. 


Is this a story? I mean, it shouldn’t be. As long as the children are happy and cared for and everyone is healthy, no worries. So it’s not like I want to dump on the news, not at all. But I think it’s worth considering that if it were a woman in Jude’s position, who’s about to become a mother to her sixth child from four men, there would be some judgment, right? If you don’t think there would be judgment, I want to know where you live. It’s the kindest place in the universe and we should all go there. 

In other Jude news, Sherlock Holmes 3 is really happening. Production hasn’t started yet, obviously, but the movie will be released, or was supposed to be released, December 21, 2021 so they have some time. Apparently they’re looking to shoot part of it in California, which is why some are speculating that it’ll be western-themed. And supposedly the story will focus on Sherlock and Watson’s “co-dependent relationship”. That’s a good decision; the chemistry between Jude and Robert Downey Jr is the best part of this franchise. Interestingly Guy Ritchie isn’t directing. Instead Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman) is the confirmed director. I’m more excited about this already. 

Of course all of this depends on what, exactly, the movie industry looks like when the pandemic is over – and even the “when” of it being over is an uncertainty. Because it probably can’t go back to the way it was, how things worked on set, and extra safety precautions will have to be introduced. So far though, this is still on the Warner Bros schedule. And the timing doesn’t entirely suck for Jude now that he can be with his wife through the rest of the pregnancy and it’s looking more and for the first little while after the baby is born.

Attached - Jude and Phillipa shopping in New York in January.