The Harvey Weinstein trial has started – and already there’s drama because more accusers are coming forward and the judge dragged his ass today for being on his cellphone in court. What could possibly be more important on Harvey’s phone than what was going on in court, given that he’s facing a life sentence? No I’m asking seriously. Because if he’s on his phone, it may be because he’s either doing business or he’s preoccupied with someone that is getting in the way of him doing business, which means he’s trying to do business. And that’s another layer of f-cked up to all of this: he is trying to do business! (Dlisted) 

I’ll always remember Terry Gilliam for his comments about Michelle Williams in Vanity Fair after Heath Ledger died. Basically he was all like, Heath was so great, he’d have people come over to the house all the time and everything was such a fun party until Michelle came along and had the baby and cockblocked all the fun. And he also trash-talked Amber Heard after she and Johnny Depp broke up. So, you know, it’s not a surprise that he’s out here lamenting the fate of the white man. (Cele|bitchy)

The Art of Elysium party is typically quite well-attended during an awards weekend but this year… it doesn’t seem like there were a lot of big names there? It’s because the Globes were so early, righhhhhht after New Year’s. Everyone is still sluggish. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you hear about the all-vegan menu at the Golden Globes on Sunday? Joaquin Phoenix mentioned it in his speech and he may have been the one to convince them to do that. Which may be why he was talking up there about how proud he was of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, even though he spent the rest of his time being embarrassed about winning awards. I don’t know how all of this fits together congruently but, evidently, in his mind it does. Golden Globe excess and Hollywood vanity + tofu for dinner = YAY? (Pajiba) 

This is a big thing to say but I’m going to stand by it: sheet pan cooking changed my life. Because it’s easy. I didn’t know it could be so easy and, also, reasonably healthy. Everything goes on the pan, the pan goes in the over, the timer is set, ding, you eat. Done. And not as many dishes to wash. I know it’s not a new food “trend” but I want it to continue. More sheet pan recipes please. (Eater)