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I have no political commentary to offer here. I’ll even spare you my thoughts on the lie detector test, which I’ve already shared a few times – because of an episode of This American Life last year. Right now, all I want to say about this photo of Stormy Daniels taking a lie detector test is that a friend of mine captioned it earlier on a group chat and it was the funniest part of my day so far. This friend has big breasts. And her note to go along with this picture was “me when I wear a cross-body bag”. LOLOLOLOLOL. (Dlisted) 

Well, excuse me. But Judith Light is serving up some steeze. So take a moment to appreciate this woman, once again killing it, this time in a metallic green suit over a sheer pink blouse and a face that says, “I DARE YOU”. But who would? Everything here is flawless. And it makes me wonder why Allison Janney doesn’t wear more suits on the red carpet. It’s not like we don’t know she looks good in them. Hello, CJ Cregg. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be going on holiday a week before the wedding. Good idea or bad idea? I mean, it probably wouldn’t hurt for Harry to get some sun before all those pictures of him get taken. Those pictures will be blasted out everywhere. I always come back from holiday super bloated though. Because on holiday I giv’er on the food and the drink and the indulgence. It takes me a week to fart out the holiday accumulation. Probably Harry and Meghan have more discipline. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a quiz about your ideal love story and what love song you’ll end up with. I forgot what the quiz was about and started answering questions about my real life relationship, then halfway through remembered it was supposed to be a fantasy and what I ended up getting was Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey and now I don’t know what this means. (Buzzfeed) 

I had the jade roller face treatment thing done on my face on TV a few months ago. It was only five minutes and I’m not really sure if you can get results from just five minutes but I can confirm that it feels really good. The jade is cool – or at least it was cool on the day we did it – and it feels fresh and the gentle pressure is super relaxing so it’s like a stress reducer which, obviously, stress reduction helps your skin so… I guess maybe trying it for real wouldn’t be a bad thing? It’s just that… for me, I feel like it’s really only worth it when someone else does it for you? (The Cut) 

One of the gifts of the internet has been that it’s a place where you can find people who have the same obsessions you do. Without the internet, for example, our entire community of pimple popping watchers wouldn’t be able to enjoy the gross sh-t that we enjoy. Whatever your kink, the internet will lead you to others who are kinking along with you. Does Jeff Goldblum do it for you? (OMG Blog!) 

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