Julia Fox is almost totally reasonably dressed at Sundance. (Go Fug Yourself)


A dude who donated sperm (hundreds of times) as a broke college student found out he has 97 offspring. He is now devoting his life to both providing resources for donor-born children and their families, and also trying to reform the sperm donor system. Apparently, he was told his sperm would only be used a few dozen times, obviously, that was not the case. Sperm and egg donation, and surrogate pregnancy, is big business. Good luck changing a shady business that is making a lot of people rich! (Celebitchy)

Chris Revelle makes the case that Bradley Cooper is the Caroline Calloway of the A-list—a dilettante who wants things he hasn’t earned. I disagree that he’s a dilettante, he actually does have talent. But he definitely wants his flowers NOW, and it does provide me a little joy that, even with another clutch of Oscar nominations under his belt today, he is almost certainly going home empty-handed once again. (Pajiba)


Sofia Coppola was going adapt Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country as a series starring Florence Pugh for Apple TV+, but they “pulled our funding”, according to Coppola. It was going to cost $45 million and was described as “five Marie Antoinettes”. But Apple execs thought the protagonist, Undine, was “unlikeable”, and they didn’t “get” the project, so they killed it. As Coppola points out, Tony Soprano is unlikeable, too. In fact, television drama for the last 20+ years has been dominated by unlikeable men. Anyway, I wonder what Masters of the Air cost? (Variety)

Just in time for Fat Tuesday and/or Paczki Day, here is the history of the paczki, the Midwest’s preferred Polish pastry. Since retiring to the South, my folks miss three things about Chicago: the Cubs, Pequod Pizza, and paczki. If anyone knows a place that sells good paczki in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hit me up. (Eater)