Dear Gossips,   

It’s the two-year anniversary of Julia Fox going mainstream. Back in January of 2022, Julia made headlines for hooking up with Kanye West during the holidays in Miami and started that year as his girlfriend. It only lasted a few weeks but it was enough to take Julia to the next level where, I’m happy to report, she has remained. 


Fittingly then Julia has been making some headlines the last few days – and not because of who she’s dating (she really hasn’t dated anyone in the last few years because, as she said, she’s not giving men her energy anymore). These days it’s usually about what she’s wearing. In this case, footwear. 


Honestly if it hadn’t been pointed out, I wouldn’t have noticed. To me they just look like a pair of nude kitten heels with writing on them which, frankly, is my focus because I will take this to my grave: I will never f-ck with a kitten heel. To go back to Julia though, her outfit last night was much more interesting and hilarious, in my opinion: 

Julia Fox out in Miami, January 2, 2024

I love bloomers, and I want them to be on trend. Like, if it’s summer and you’re going to wear a pair of cut-off denims, and they’re so high cut up the ass these days anyway, why couldn’t you just as easily swap them out for a pair of bloomers? I’m not saying you need to wear them with a bra and bows on your nipples like Julia here but, you know, bloomers with a tank top, bloomers under a tee, bloomers under a hoodie, and a pair of combats or sneakers. Can we make this happen or are you face-palming me right now? 

Anyway, it’s 2024 and Julia Fox isn’t going anywhere. I am comforted, no sarcasm. 

Yours in gossip,