Julia Fox was in Toronto this weekend. Did she pick a good weekend or a bad weekend to be in town? Because obviously there was only one story in Toronto this weekend and her name is Beyoncé. In another part of the city on Saturday night though Julia was showing off her nipple rosaries. By her standards this is a relatively tame look. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Keke Palmer keeps it moving. It hasn’t been a week since the father of her child decided to make a fool of himself on social media by taking exception to her outfit and or her dancing with Usher and now they’ve unfollowed each other and he’s scrubbed her from his IG. Keke, meanwhile, just showed up on the cover of The Cut and is selling new t-shirts that read “I’m a Motha” on her website. She stays winning. (The Cut) 

Sarah posted in this space on Friday about Threads and why she hasn’t joined yet. I’m currently thinking about it. My job requires me to be on social media but I was pretty late to Instagram compared to my colleagues and now there’s Threads, which is connected through IG which is Meta, and I just don’t know if I want to f-ck with Meta any more than I have to and also, someone told me today that if you go on Threads but then want to delete it, you would also have to delete your IG. And I don’t want that complication either. Anyway because of Threads, Twitter is in freefall. And Elon Musk is having a billionaire tantrum over it. (Pajiba) 


There are a lot of people trying to rumour that Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian have something going. But I posted last week that it should be Tom Brady and Emily Ratajkowski. The Daily Mail is now saying that Tom and EmRata were indeed sparking. Lol, does the Daily Mail read LaineyGossip? (Cele|bitchy) 

We are less than two weeks away from the big box office cage match: the bomb vs the bombshell, Oppenheimer vs Barbie. Love this piece by Aja Romano on how the Barbieheimer memes have taken over social media. (Vox)