Last year it was Marion Kelly interrupting her dad’s interview on the BBC. Apparently the BBC attracts interloping interview crashers because this time it’s a polish cat who did not give a sh-t about the cameras and insisted on climbing up wherever the f-ck it felt like climbing onto in the moment. And when Lisio got there, the time was right for some ass. (Dlisted) 

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is not yet married but he calls Lauren Hashian his wife. And I guess she calls him “Big Daddy”? I did not need to know that. I do not want to call anyone that. Is this seriously a turn-on for people? (Cele|bitchy) 

This. Is. Wonderful. There’s no other way to describe it. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on holiday in Hawaii. She looks healthy. She looks like she’s having fun. She looks like she’s going to be OK. (Pop Sugar) 

Apparently there is a category of food called “old people food”. I don’t eat any of the sh-t at the top of this list. I definitely don’t eat anything with f-cking raisins in it. Here, once again, I will tell you how much I hate raisins and ask you why you people insist on putting raisins in sh-t. THEY ARE SO GROSS. But then, at the very end, pork rinds came up. Pork rinds are delicious, what is the matter with the world!? You like raisins but will reject pork rinds?!? (Pajiba) 

Johnny Depp modified his Amber Heard tattoo. They’re saying it reads “scam”. But all I see is the Avengers logo. Isn’t that the Avengers logo? (TMZ) 

I am not a millennial. But I love avocado toast. I like avocado on anything, especially burgers. Anything? Wait. Would I like avocado, specifically avocado toast, in my chocolate? Because that’s what’s happening now. It’s avocado, plus toast, plus white chocolate, and it’s a chocolate bar. Even I don’t know if I can co-sign it. When I’m in the mood for chocolate, I’m not in the mood for avocado, you know? (The Takeout)