You know what it was that did it? It was that one particular line during VEEP’s win for Best Comedy Series. Showrunner David Mandel, in his speech, said they had a “no asshole policy” on the show “…and everyone abides by it except Julia”. And everybody laughed.

That was what did it. When you make fun of the star on national TV and everyone knows—like really knows—that you are ok to do so because you have a fun warm wonderful workplace, then yeah people get resentful, particularly when the show is also winning the biggest award possible for a comedy show.

…for the third time.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won the award for the sixth consecutive time. Literally made history for being the person to win the most Emmys for the same role, more than Don Knotts and Candice Bergen.

Which is why the debate has re-arisen, on Twitter and in my inbox… should JLD recuse herself? Not submit herself for future awards, for the upcoming season of VEEP?

There are all kinds of restrictions on eligibility for submission based on when and where a show airs, so it’s not so ridiculous that there would be a restriction based on ‘you can only win three times for a given role’ or something to that effect.

Problem is, of course, it’s not like JLD only wins for VEEP, it also wins as a show. And, of course, she didn’t only win for playing Selina Meyer, she has umpteen wins and nominations for Seinfeld and The New Adventures Of Old Christine. They’re shows she carries, because she’s a goddamn juggernaut, so then the shows win, too. There’s no way to get around this – Julia Louis Dreyfus is a force. You’d think that the voting members might feel the same way and vote for someone else, but… they just don’t. Given how many people I know still talk about VEEP all the time (as opposed to, say, Westworld), they come by it pretty honestly.

Make no mistake – it’s just as boring when it’s Bryan Cranston or Edie Falco or Gandolfini or anyone else who was recognized year after year. But at a certain point in this business, stuff succeeds because it’s good. She’s just unstoppable, is all, and we will miss her when she’s off the air, so we need to bask in her ridiculously humble wins while we can.

However, I have alllllllll the time in the world to give her notes on her dresses. Maybe she’s got extra time and energy to be funny because she’s not thinking about what she wears, but this Carolina Herrera dress is Just. So. Boring.

Can I just point out my beloved, neglected Keri Russell? This J Mendel she’s wearing is what a black dress can look like. Sure, they have different styles and a few years between them, but if Julia’s going to win for the next hundred years she could at least give us something to look at.