I was surprised that Ticket to Paradise, the new rom-com starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, was not on the Venice Film Festival list. Because George had hoped earlier this year, when they were wrapping up production, that they could take it to Venice ahead of its premiere. And it’s not like the festival would say no to George. Ultimately they must have decided that that wasn’t the movie. 


And so here they are, George and Julia, not in Venice but in London instead where the movie will open on September 16, a whole month ahead of North America. I don’t understand the scheduling… but I’m also not complaining about seeing them on a red carpet, together, with their big movie star smiles and big movie star energy. And mom and dad energy. 

That’s what they’re playing in the film – exes who conspire to break up their daughter’s engagement only to fall back in love themselves because… love! What else? It’s a rom-com! We all know this story! There’s no suspense here – we show up for the ride. 

Julia, of course, is no stranger to a rom-com. As George confirms in their new joint NYT interview, she has thrived in “that forum”. It’s been a while for him though, so it says something that he chose this movie, one reason being that he wanted to work with Julia. Needless to say, the sell here for Ticket to Paradise is their chemistry. And it’s on full display, even in print, in the NYT


These two are in their 50s and 60s now. So we are deep in mom and dad joke territory, like actually. Listen to Julia lose it over a hip replacement joke: 

I’m into it. They’re not catering to TikTok here. They’re speaking to a demographic that has shown that it will buy tickets to the movies that are made for them. Like the Elvis audience. And The Lost City audience. I include myself in that audience. I will 100% be giving George and Julia my money. 


But first, the worldwide press tour. They’re starting in London, I’m wondering if they’ll also make it to Australia since Ticket to Paradise was filmed there. And then eventually back around to Hollywood so there are more looks ahead from both Amal Clooney and Julia. Amal looks great in this sparkly slinky dress but take a close look at Julia’s dress… 

All the writing on it – this is custom and personal. Her initials and Danny Moder. Her children’s initials too. Years that hold special meaning. Reminds me a little of Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress only without the bitter memories.