I’m one of those old bitches who loves watching the Kennedy Center Honors every year. It’s been a few years though because there was a criminal living in the White House. The event is back this year though and George Clooney was honoured and Julia Roberts showed up and put George on her body, literally. Also Sacha Baron Cohen put Borat back on. So basically I can’t wait to watch on December 28 when I can’t move off my couch from all the holiday feasting. (Dlisted) 


A week ago today, Lady Susan Hussey racialised Ngozi Fulani, a guest at Buckingham Palace. Ngozi spoke out about what happened to her…and as expected she’s been dragged by the British tabloids and the target of racists and monarchists. No one expected it more given Ngozi’s line of work advocating for Black women who’ve experienced domestic abuse. That still doesn’t make it right. And it is indeed appalling that the British royal family has stayed silent while she continues to endure all this harassment. But then again, it’s also a pattern for them. (Cele|bitchy) 

Like the Fug Girls, I too forgot that Kate Winslet is in the Avatar sequels. She looks great in these leather pants under the white shirt and blazer but her hair. It looks to me like they curled it and forgot to brush it out. Sometimes this happens – you brush it out but they still clump together. And maybe that’s what happened but god I wish someone made that adjustment before she walked onto the carpet. Like ran their fingers through it or something. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Andrew Dominik made a film about Marilyn Monroe that was produced by Brad Pitt and not everyone loved it. In fact, a lot of people HATED it. And they’re blaming Andrew – as they should. (I’m happy that Ana de Armas isn’t eating sh-t for the mess that is Blonde… and hopefully she can bounce back with her next project, Ghosted, with Chris Evans.) Andrew however is doubling down on his artistic vision. Don’t you love it when a man tries to define a woman and, when told that his interpretation only further exploits her basically says, “oh well she’s dead anyway”. (Pajiba) 

The Critics Choice TV nominations were announced today and… yay for Abbott Elementary! (The Hollywood Reporter)