Today is Julia Roberts’s 54th birthday. She is spending it in Sydney, Australia where she’ll be filming Ticket to Paradise with George Clooney. Here she is in her pyjamas with friends and crew a couple of days ago, the day after her arrival. They’re all in quarantine for two weeks before shooting begins. Even from a distance, the Julia features are unmistakable – the hair, the bone structure, her mouth, this is the Julia we’ve been familiar with for about 35 years, that’s basically how long she’s been famous. 


The last time we saw Julia it was about a month ago; she was in Paris filming a Lancome commercial and I’m attaching those shots to this post too – Julia in black and Julia in a sparkly champagne-colour dress and whipping her hair around. The hair is GREAT in these pictures: the perfect beachy wave, all that volume, this is what I’m always trying to get my hair to do, the way that layer frames her face and bends right at the cheekbone: 

Julia Roberts films a commercial for Lancome in Paris, France, September 2021

Every time I look at these photos I’m tempted to cut my hair to this length and make this style happen. Would a digital perm get me there? 


Back to Julia – as mentioned, she’ll be working in Sydney with George Clooney on Ticket to Paradise, a rom-com about two exes who travel together to Bali to stop their daughter from getting married and making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago. Kaitlyn Dever has also been cast so presumably she’ll be playing the daughter and just last week it was announced that Lucas Bravo has joined so he’s probably the daughter’s fiancé. If you watch Emily in Paris, I’m sure you’re familiar with him, and I’m sure you’ve thirsted over him.