Julia Roberts talks about Pretty Woman, the movie that made her famous. And she's right about the story - that it probably is not a story that would play today, if you tried to tell it today. That said, even with what we know now, when you watch that movie back, you enjoy it for what it was - which doesn't change how you yourself may have changed, but there's an acceptance of the fact that certain things are of a certain time which. I mean I wish I had said this during our JK Rowling conversation in this week's episode of Show Your Work because what Duana was suggesting that Jo should have done is kinda what Julia is saying here. (Dlisted)

I, too, hate this dress on Priyanka Chopra. It's terrible. The ruching is terrible. The sleeves are terrible. The belt is terrible. All of it is probably so expensive but it reads really cheap. And the shoes might be the worst part of it the outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Super into Sarah Hyland's new haircut which is kinda like Milla Jovovich's hair but we can't talk about the shag hairstyle without paying tribute to the OG of celebrity shag hairstyles which is Winona Ryder's in Reality Bites. RIGHT!? I wore my hair like that for a year. And now I want to do it again. (Cele|bitchy) 

Would you wear your bedsheets? Look at this outfit. Wouldn't it be so comfortable? A dress made out of a duvet? The problem: why the f-ck is it being styled with heels? At least go with a pair of unlaced docs. Kinda like the "someone's knocking at the door but you fell asleep naked and you just wrap your sheets around you and shove your feet in any pair of shoes to run outside and chase after the people who just egged your house" look. (OMG Blog) 

Anna Wintour's desk chair looks so uncomfortable and that explains SO MUCH. This is probably how she's able to make so many other people feel so uncomfortable. Is that the secret? (The Cut)

It's the first day of spring and there's also a supermoon up in the sky so I wonder how many people are getting engaged tonight. (Vox)