As I’ve been telling you all year, this has been Duana’s favourite thing to do all year: put on her Oprah voice, kick out her leg, and shout “Julia at 50!”

Julia, of course, is Julia Roberts. Who turns 50 in 3 weeks, on October 28th. Which is also just 3 weeks before the release of her new film, Wonder. Wonder was originally scheduled to come out in the spring but after becoming Lionsgate’s highest-testing film, they pushed it back to the fall, to be closer to award season. Wonder opens November 17, just in time for American Thanksgiving. Just in time for that big smile and that honking laugh to warm our hearts for the holiday.

So we’re going to get some Julia over the next few weeks. And maybe more, if Wonder does become a contender during the season. I am not mad about this. I am never mad when Julia’s around. It’s never boring when Julia’s around. Here she is featured in the new issue of UK Harper’s Bazaar:

Those legs. That hair. And, again, that smile. Julia at 50! And, next year, it’ll be the 30th anniversary of Mystic Pizza, marking 30 years that we’ve been entertained by that smile, annoyed by that smile, usually when it’s accompanied by some sanctimonious, smug observation that only Julia can deliver, but never, ever bored by that smile.

So, with all of that in mind, it totally makes sense that James Corden gave us a Julia Roberts career retrospective, accompanied by Julia Roberts, last night on his show. It plays right into the plan to remind us, while she’s promoting Wonder, that she’s one of few true Movie Stars in the game. As is always the case when James puts on this segment, all of her greatest hits are represented here. The aforementioned Mystic Pizza comes up. And of course That Scene in Pretty Woman, with the song that’s now permanently associated with her, and my personal favourite…

Drink the juice, Shelby!

I wish they hadn’t cut it off before she says, “Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!”

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. I am totally firing up the Steel Magnolias.

Between Canadian Thanksgiving and Chinese Harvest Moon Thanksgiving yesterday though, am I getting sentimental? Because when Julia and James did Hook, I missed Robin Williams so much.

Julia at 50! Who will be summoned to celebrate her? Will George and Amal Clooney’s twins be revealed at her birthday party? Will she interrupt everyone who tries to give a speech about her? Julia at 50! Get ready for it.