The Venice Film Festival opens tomorrow night. Here’s this year’s jury president, Julianne Moore with festival director Alberto Barbera today to kick off the festivities. Julianne’s main focus as the president, obviously, will be to consider all the films in contention and work with her jury counterparts to make their selections. But also, as the jury president, she’ll be expected at every gala and whatever other sponsorship and partnership events over the next couple of weeks. It can be a pretty intense schedule. And she’ll have a look for each and every appearance. Will be interesting to see what she and her stylist, Leslie Fremar (at least I think it’s Leslie Fremar, they’ve been working together for years), come up with. Today it was a classic blazer over jeans…and Gucci. Double Gucci. There’s a tote and a shoulder bag. 


Double Gucci also for Jodie Turner-Smith, arriving today in Venice. Jodie is one of the stars of Noah Baumbach’s White Noise, the festival’s opening night film, alongside Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, and Don Cheadle. It’s a horror, it’s a comedy, it’s a mystery… as Sarah noted in her post about the film last week, White Noise could be a contender for Oscar, we’ll have to see what kind of buzz it generates in Venice. 

Meanwhile Jodie’s kicking it off in style – what an arrivals outfit here, non? The chiffon suit is gorgeous on her. And she’s a Gucci ambassador so of course she’s out here repping the bags. Cannot wait to see her opening night look.