Dear Gossips,

Have you heard of “Sushi Face”? It’s an expression invented by Julianne Moore – and I just found out about it yesterday while catching up on my reading at the airport. Julianne was interviewed by Kathleen Hou for The Cut and “Sushi Face” is something she talked about in an interview years ago, something to do with what happens to your face the day after you eat sushi, that it becomes puffy, I guess from all the salt in the soy sauce when you dip.

I eat a LOT of sushi. When we lived in Vancouver, where neighbourhood sushi is moderately priced, we eat sushi sometimes as much as 3 times a week. In my opinion, the world’s best sushi is in Vancouver. And Jacek and I ate takeout every night there. Sushi was always option #1. But… I’ve never had Sushi Face?!? Is it because I don’t use much soy sauce? Like for every sushi meal, and a sushi meal for me is, at minimum, 24 pieces of sushi (Jacek and I usually share 7 or 8 rolls that consist of 8 pieces each roll between us) I’ll maybe go through one tablespoon of low-sodium soy sauce. Maybe. There’s always soy sauce left over in my dipping bowl.

But perhaps you experience Sushi Face? I need to know. Please let me know what your Sushi Face experiences are.

Beyond Sushi Face though, there are other things I do agree with Julianne Moore on: which side of the street to walk on and, most importantly, eating outside. The shady side of the street is the way to go! And I never understand why people always want tables on the patio and the only time I ever end up on a patio is when I’m with other people and they insist on being on the patio and I don’t want to be the asshole who gets precious about not eating on the patio. But I hate being hot when I eat. I hate being windy when I eat. I hate wearing sunglasses when I eat. I need to see my food properly. Are we fighting about this?

Click here for more from Julianne at The Cut. Here she is last week in a great red and white dress that I wanted to talk about last week but forgot.

Yours in gossip,