Julianne Moore is 58 years old. I’m telling you this because I feel like women who get to a certain age are told to dress … less edgy, more “classic”. Like the message seems to be “leave the trends and the avant-garde” to the kids. We talk out of both sides of our mouths, non? On the one hand it’s “celebrate women at any age!” and “women are still viable as they age!” and then on the other hands it’s “she’s too old to be wearing that!” 

Here’s Julianne last night in a feathered dress that reads “young” – it’s flirty and fun and obnoxious and overly feathered and I love it on her. Because it’s not for everyone. Because it’s not “mature elegance”. And she looks great in that topknot and the whole vibe could either be 20 or 60 or 70, it doesn’t f-cking matter. 

Today Julianne stepped out in monochrome purple. That’s … a lot of purple. I like purple as an accent. I generally try to avoid large swaths of it because it’s, like, a circus colour for me – but that’s my own sh-t. Lots of people love purple. Duana loves purple. If you can pull off this much purple – which JM is doing very well here – go for it. Especially against her red hair. Really striking, big statement.