For those of you outside Canada, I work on a live daytime talk show here called The Social, just renewed for a 7th season. As I may have mentioned, our audience coordinator, Derek Forgie, is one of the reasons for our success. He is, no exaggeration, the best in the business. We have international celebrities telling us all the time that they’ve never seen anyone with this energy and ability to pump up an audience. 

Part of the reason for that is because Derek is a comic in his own right, hosting an online comedy series on YouTube called 10 Minute Talk Show. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Derek, 10 Minute Talk Show, and Cassie Cao on their Canadian Comedy Award win this week for Best Taped Live Performance! Cassie became the first Asian-Canadian woman to win a CCA!  

For more on Cassie, check out her website. You can find her on Twitter here and on Instagram here. And below, Cassie’s award-winning appearance on 10 Minute Talk Show.