Dear Gossips, 

Big music announcement yesterday:

Just a few days after releasing his second solo single, “3D” featuring Jack Harlow, the follow-up to his Billboard #1 hit “Seven” featuring Latto, which is also expected to contend for top spot on the charts, Jungkook’s label announced yesterday that an album is coming. 


GOLDEN is coming on November 3 and will feature eleven tracks, including “Seven” and “3D”. JK’s drop comes just in time for the MTV Europe Music Awards taking place in Paris on November 5; he is nominated in three categories and it wouldn’t be surprising if he shows up on that stage to promote the album. 

Two weeks after that it’ll be the Billboard Music Awards on November 19. BTS has history with the BBMAs so I’m curious to see if JK will show up there too. That all seems to fit with the schedule – and as we’ve seen over the years with BTS, they are excellent time managers in how they coordinate their releases with major events. 


As for GOLDEN and the meaning behind the title – all BTS fans would have understood immediately the significance of this word. Since debuting ten years ago, Jungkook has always been referred to as the “Golden Maknae” of BTS. “Maknae” in Korean means the youngest and the reason JK is called golden is because he’s an all-rounder, he does everything: singing, dancing, rapping, Jungkook is widely recognised to be one of the purest talents ever to emerge from the K-pop system. And so, in choosing this word for the title of his first solo album, JK seems to be embracing his goldenness, finally comfortable, perhaps, with the descriptor. 

Yours in gossip,