Jungkook has broken a Spotify record. Taylor Swift is now the only artist in the world to have more first-day streams with a new single. He was in New York yesterday promoting the song, “Seven”, on radio. I haven’t yet heard it on the radio here in Toronto although admittedly I’ve only listened to about an hour of total radio time in the last few days. Very curious to see if JK can get to #1. (Soompi) 


So there were a lot of celebrities at the Wimbledon men’s final. Which… isn’t unusual? Last time I checked Wimbledon has always been a celebrity draw. Tom Cruise is often there. Bradley Cooper is often there. Beyoncé has been to Wimbledon! But for whatever reason, there’s a royal reporter who is claiming that celebrities are now more interested in Wimbledon because of Princess Kate, LOL. This isn’t shade at Kate, this is shade at the person who’s stretching here – because if Kate was the draw, celebrities would be going to all the garden shows she keeps doing. (Cele|bitchy) 

I posted in today’s open about the allegations against Dan Wootton and how the UK tabloid media has been silent on the story. The Guardian has now addressed it and confirms that they too over the last three years have been told by several people about Dan’s catfishing and they are reporting that the Sun and the Daily Mail are looking into the accusations which… how responsible of them. How come they don’t bother with that kind of rigorous journalism when it comes to their targets? (The Guardian) 


Gwyneth Paltrow threw a wellness party at her place in the Hamptons and from the photos in the gallery, it looks like the big get in terms of celebrity guests here is Jodie Comer. Jessica Seinfeld was there too and that reminds me of all the speculation about Jessica and Kelly Ripa not being friends anymore and I don’t feel like we ever found out why? Also I love GP’s outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kayleigh Donaldson on why transparency is such a big issue for the studios during the strike. There is so much information they do not want to share. (Pajiba)