Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been engaged for …what?... just over a month now? It happened in the Bahamas. Then they went back to New York. They’ve also been to Miami. And LA. And back to New York. And somewhere else I can’t remember. This past weekend he took her home to Stratford for, presumably, a visit with his grandparents. But we’re now being told by TMZ, The Man Zone, also one of the most reliable outlets for JB news, and it’s been that way for years now, that JB and Hailey will not be fast-tracking their wedding. Also their engagement wasn’t fast-tracked either. 

Justin Bieber popped the question to Hailey Baldwin a nanosecond after getting back together in June, but we've learned they're not rushing to the altar ... not by a long shot.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Justin and Hailey are waiting until sometime next year to tie the knot. We're told it's not that they're unsure ... not unlike Miley and Liam, we're told they feel they've made the commitment, and that's the most important thing.

We're also told it's a mistake to view their engagement as jumping the gun. As one solid source told us, "Justin's been in love with her for a long time, so this didn't just come from out of the blue." We're told there were a number of times -- times the public doesn't know about -- when Justin and Hailey got back together.

The upshot -- everyone thought Selena Gomez was the woman he always wanted, but even when he was with Selena ... Hailey was on his brain.
Do you believe it? I believe that this is legit in the sense that that’s the version that his team sent to TMZ. But getting technical about it not being a fast-tracked engagement because they secretly got back together and broke up a number of times without the public knowing about it doesn’t count as “taking our time”. If anything, it supports the fast-tracked engagement perspective. Fast-tracking isn’t just about elapsed time, it’s about readiness and stability. You just told us that you kept on hitting the off/on button on your love! When that switch has been flipped as many times as you’ve hit it, it suggests that the roots may not have grown strong enough to sustain a long-term commitment. 

But whatever, they’re young, they’re in love, they’ve convinced themselves that this is forever and the point is they’re trying to convince everybody else – by minimising the significance of Selena Gomez in JB’s life. Even though, you know, they were still together on his birthday. Which was March 1. Mmmmkay. 

As for being in no hurry to get married and waiting until next year – I buy it and I don’t. I buy it because Justin’s wedding is going to be a spectacle. And, typically, spectacles take a while to plan. That said, “next year” isn’t thaaaat far away. Next year is also January 1, 2019 which is four months away. I could totally see a New Year’s wedding. And the reason I could see a New Year’s wedding is because I feel like JB has always pictured himself as a young dad. Here’s a boy who’s been trying to “be a man” for as long as we’ve known him, who is always talking about wanting to “be a man”. In his mind, to me, that’s what it looks like. 

Here are JB and Hailey yesterday in NYC. At one point they hit up the Shake Shack. God I could go for some Shake Shack right now. There is no Shake Shack where I live. Do you know the “unpopularopinion” hashtag? I have several. I don’t like eating outside, always avoid a patio when possible. Also? I don’t love a “homemade” burger. Homemade burgers never properly fit a bun. They’re thick but not wide. They’re never f-cking even. They fall apart. This is why I like Shake Shack – and it’s by no means a unique argument – because their patties are kind of the best of both processed and homemade. It’s the texture-ish of a homemade but doesn’t crumble and fits a bun well like a processed. Are we fighting?