I think Justin Bieber is good looking. Wait! Before you start yelling, let me qualify this: Justin has a great face, good bone structure. Remember that photo shoot he did when I said he was giving me Elvis vibes? I would not put that out there lightly, considering what Elvis meant (means?) to me. That said, JB with the moustache kills the vibe. So yes, if he could please shave it, I’d be able to argue my point more effectively you. He could be hot! (Dlisted) 

Thomas Markle’s interview – no, not that one, a new one, but I can understand why you might be confused because when isn’t he giving interviews? – has aired in the UK and he talks about how he has to look out for #1 now: himself. Well… I feel like he’s been doing that for a while? Anyway, Thomas admits that he’s doing it for the money. Because everybody owes him. What more can I say? He’s said it all himself. (Cele|bitchy)

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that Givenchy’s latest collection is not body-con at all and I love it so much. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I know it sounds like I’m super horny today given all that I’ve written about kissing and Peter Kavinsky and John Ambrose McClaren. I’m actually not, at least not at the moment. There just happens to be a lot of romance content out there, maybe because Valentine’s Day is coming up. Still, even if I were horny, Kayleigh Donaldson would have just killed it because she’s writing about the worst sex scenes in fiction and these are pretty f-cking bad. If you want a palette cleanser, read Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren because the sex scenes in that book have gotten me off a lot. (Pajiba)

The Grammys are 72 hours away and the Recording Academy has a leadership problem. Not sure if you’ve heard but there’s some major CEO drama happening and lawsuits flying back and forth and all sides are accusing each other for sh-tty behaviour. All this on top of the fact that they’ve disrespected BTS. (Vulture)