Justin Bieber has his own line of plain white t-shirts now. It’s a collaboration between Hanes and his stylist Karla Welch who was ranked #1 on The Hollywood Reporters Most Powerful Stylists List. Karla also styles Ruth Negga and Sarah Paulson. The t-shirts came about because JB was always asking Karla to MacGyver his tees. He likes to wear them longer but more straight to the body with an asymmetrical hem. The launch for the collection was last night in LA. You can see the styles here, all for $30. I appreciate that there is no v-neck. I HATE a v-neck tee.

As you may have heard, earlier this week, JB posted an apology/explanation on social media about his recent tour cancellation. Maria addressed it briefly yesterday in Smutty Social Media.


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JB acknowledges that his bitterness and pettiness have informed many of his decisions. That he has people in his life now who are helping him work through his resentments so that bitterness and pettiness will not continue to “dictate” his future. The post is super rambley but it’s clear, at least to me, that he’s using language that he’s internalised from the people he’s referencing who’ve been guiding his life choices. Pastor Carl Lentz, of Hillsong Church, has been coming up a lot lately. It’s been reported that JB has, once again, rededicated himself to Christ and there are rumours that he even wants to take a bigger leadership role in the ministry. So is Joel Osteen over? (I have a friend who is fascinated by and obsessed with the mega-church phenomenon and one of the items on her bucket list is to go to a Joel Osteen Sunday service. I drove by the Joel Osteen situation in Houston recently. It’s the size of a proper arena. Like enormous.)

Not two years ago, Justin Bieber embarked on an apology tour. He showed up at Ellen every day for a week, he kept telling us that he had changed, that he was renewed. And now he’s apologising again. It’s almost as though his apologies are like perennial plant, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, that bloom on a yearly schedule. Wait… so… is it a bad thing if it doesn’t bloom? Like something’s gone wrong? I mean that’s how this feels, isn’t it? Justin is apologising again – yay! Eventually though, at some point, if not already, the mea culpas are going to get tiresome. Just to beat the sh-t out of this analogy, weeds are perennials too. Not so pretty to look at.

Taylor Swift has been on an extended break for months and months now, managing to stay pretty concealed for long periods of time. It remains to be seen how much this will help her but it certainly hasn’t hurt her. And I wonder if Justin Bieber might benefit from the same? The question is does he actually want to.