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Justin and Hailey Bieber are coming up on their one year wedding anniversary. It was on September 13, 2018 that they were seen at a New York court house for a marriage licence. Since then, they’ve reportedly tried to plan a proper reception on two occasions but the plans fell through. According to TMZ it’s finally going to happen on September 30 in South Carolina. But this is not the story today. The story is what he shared on Instagram. 


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“Have you noticed the statistic of child stars and the outcome of their life?” 

That question was a gut punch. It’s one thing to ask the question of an audience. It’s another to be the one asking the question when you’re staring down your own life. 

Who can better speak on the experience of being a child star, arguably the most famous child star of his time, and its consequences? Justin gets into the pressure of it all, how unprepared he was – how unprepared ANY child would be – and even the science behind it, describing how the teen brain, still in development, reacts to that kind of non-stop stimulus. And also how the entertainer’s brain, child or not, handles adulation, the “dopamine rush”, the “massive ups and down” of being on and off stage. If you’ve been watching Euphoria, imagine what those kids are going through and then add the fame bomb to it all. 

It’s been years of tumult for Justin Bieber and, while he’s struggled, he’s clearly been …studying? Obviously he’s spent a lot of time trying to understand how he happened, what happened to him, and processing how what happened to him became a thing that happened to the people in his orbit in how he treated them because he didn’t know how to treat himself. 

Fame is such a mindf-ck. And that’s a not a new discovery. But every year, it seems, there is a new discovery, a new young star to be discovered. I don’t know if we’ve learned anything but JB is sharing this at the start of a new school year and, even though it may not have been intentional, can it be a teachable moment? 

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