Justin Bieber is one of the many celebs who have recently gone back on tour. For some fans, this has been a long time coming.

(Lainey: sorry, I just watched that and my old ass can’t stop laughing.)


Here’s the rundown—JB’s tour was originally set to start May 14th, 2020 and conclude on September 26th of the same year. When the pandemic happened, he postponed it to 2021. When the pandemic kept happening, it was eventually pushed to 2022, and here we are with the Justice World Tour. Between the postponed dates and the new music Justin has produced since his last tour wrapped in 2017, this is a big deal for him and his fans. The tour is highlighting his albums Changes that dropped in 2020, and Justice which came out in 2021. A person can go through a lot of changes in five years (no pun originally intended, but let’s go with it), and one of those is Justin’s dancing style which ended up making him a TikTok topic. 

Everybody knows that Justin has been dancing since the Baby days, so this isn’t his way of proving his skills like Dua Lipa has on her current tour. But what we have seen evolve over the years for Justin is his performance style. It’s natural to see artists who started out very young shift from being directed in every move they make to eventually finding their own footing and taking the lead on more creative decisions. He is still doing great choreography with back-up dancers, but he’s also been having plenty of fun with literal stomping. While his last official tour finished in 2017, we’ve seen Justin’s leg-heavy dancing in recent years too, such as in his music video for “Stay” with Kid LAROI. 


I don’t think he’s really trying to do anything besides just being himself, and honestly, I’m here for it. As an artist, it never hurts to have a signature style or dance move, and he looks like he’s having the time of his life. That’s where TikTok and fan creativity come into play. Of course there are other concert videos like the get-ready-with-me’s and best moments of the show, but Justin’s dance moves are taking the cake. And even though it doesn’t follow the typical viral TikTok template, I would consider this moment a trend under a category I’d like to call, the accidental celebrity trend (Julia Fox’s “Uncut Gems” would perfectly fall under this category too).

It’s fun to watch him let loose and have fun in the performances—especially when there was a delay that was out of everyone's control. I’m sure he was just as eager to come back, and fans were eager to see what he had in store. So why not leave it all out on the stage? I’ve also been seeing some comments saying that he’s noticed the buzz and is now in on the joke, which is why he’s gotten more dramatic with his stomps. This is the celeb-fandom interaction I live for.


Here’s some of my favorites so far:

This song just goes SO well with it… I say he should add it to the set list for funsies.

 That’s not the only song that goes great with his moves though


This next one is 10000 times better if you know about the current TikTok trend with this sound.

LOL not the gym routine (I’m lowkey taking notes)

The tour is set to end March 25th of next year, so hopefully he continues with it and we’re in for another year of Justin’s stomps. 

P.S. Since I’m a hopeless romantic, here’s a cute TikTok of Justin singing “Ghost” with cute couple photos of him and Hailey Bieber behind him.