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I actually think Katy Perry will be a thoughtful judge on American Idol. I mean, if you’re basing her judging and live television skills from hosting the VMAs, you could have said the same thing about Miley Cyrus and she turned out to be a strong mentor on The Voice. To me, as I’ve been saying, the question isn’t about whether or not Katy Perry is good enough for American Idol. It’s whether or not the new American Idol will be good, period. They still haven’t confirmed any other judges – and auditions have already started! (Dlisted)

One minute we’re talking about Angelina Jolie looking for hot dogs at Target and now we’re worrying about whether or not she’s going broke. Is that why she’s eating hot dogs? I would like this to become the next story: Angelina Jolie feeds her kids junk food because she’s on a budget! The thing about Angelina though is that we don’t often hear about the kind of extravagance that we associate with other celebrities. There was the recent mansion purchase but it didn’t come with 18 cars. Or a yacht. Or a private island. And a ranch somewhere. Or wine that’s flown from one city to the next. Or all the weird sh-t Nicolas Cage used to collect before he went bankrupt. Like pygmy shrunken heads?! And a pyramid tombstone! (Cele|bitchy) 

If you have Instagram, do you ever Boomerang? How good are you at Boomerang? I’m not great. Because I only have, like, 3 Boomerang moves. And they’re all kinda lame and juvenile. Some people I know are so good at Boomerang. Like my friend Liz Trinnear who takes the best selfies. She’s a millennial. This is, obviously, the most shallow and vain conversation ever. But I’m building to something. I’m building to The Rock. And it turns out, as you would expect, that The Rock is extremely GIF-able. Maybe not has GIF-able as Rihanna but he’s up there. Which means he’s also great at Boomerang. (Pop Sugar) 

Game Of Thrones gossip – in real life. Girl Sh-t, Boy Sh-t, GoT Sh-t, it’s all the best sh-t! And this sh-t actually affects production?! Like they have to shoot around the sh-t? Apparently. The alleged reason: Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, and Jerome Flynn, who plays audience favourite, Bronn, used to be lovers. And now they despise each other. And this hate between them supposedly requires scenes to be changed – so that their hate can be accommodated! (Pajiba) 

You think you’ve heard every ridiculous story possible about Justin Bieber. But now his balls are getting involved. Apparently there’s a lawsuit involving his testicles. After he was worried that one of them got twisted around – which is a legitimate concern. I would be worried too. In fact, I have been worried about it … in my dogs. It can happen to puppies. And we usually wait until our dogs are at least a year old before getting them neutered. Last year, I was so paranoid about Elvis’s balls. His balls ended up being fine, and then removed. Unfortunately he has still not outgrown his tendency to eat sh-t, his own and others. (TMZ) 

Yesterday I wrote about all the self-imagery and self-reference that Taylor Swift included in her Look What You Made Me Do video. Apparently her fans have been putting a lot of thought into all the “hidden meanings”. And they’ve found so many more hidden meanings. Basically they’ve turned LWYMMD into Christopher Nolan’s Memento.  (Buzzfeed) 

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