Justin Theroux was papped in New York yesterday with his left hand shoved in his pocked, presumably to hide the fact that he’s not wearing a wedding ring anymore. There are some other shots of him taken by another photo agency where you can see his hand and no ring on his finger but the outfit is the same and the point is the same – he’s not wearing a ring anymore, which makes sense because he’s not married anymore. Or he doesn’t want to be married anymore. Or he was never legally married in the first place. Not that that matters, at least I don’t see how it matters. He and Jennifer Aniston are no longer together. And she’s in LA where she’s most comfortable and he’s in New York where he’s most comfortable, because he’s “edgy” and “arty” and isn’t about that Hollywood life. Sure. Just like Ryan Adams broke up with Mandy Moore that one time so that he could remain “punk as f-ck”. In that case, actively desiring to be “punk as f-ck” was the antithesis of “punk as f-ck”. It’s kind of the same in Justin’s case too, non? Like are you seriously letting your friends tell the world that you’re too cool to stay married to your wife? How is that a good look? 

That Hollywood life served Justin Theroux quite well whenever he had to promote his own sh-t. Jennifer showed up at The Leftovers premieres, she accompanied him to the award shows when The Leftovers was nominated – for all the trash that Justin’s NY friends are talking about her Hollywood lifestyle, it’s not like he never tapped into it for his own purposes. So the way they keep pounding this narrative as an explanation for the breakup makes me suspicious. Because if they’re trying so hard to convince us that this was the reason, is it because there’s another reason? Distraction, diversion, camouflage. Is that what’s happening here? 

Also… if he hates California so much, why is he always tanned?