Justin Theroux, along with several other Louis Vuitton ambassadors, including Emma Stone, Jennifer Connelly, Lea Seydoux, Laura Harrier, and Sophie Turner, was in the south of France yesterday for LV’s Cruise Collection presentation. This is at least the second time Justin’s been in France for fashion business since he and Jennifer Aniston announced that they broke up. 

As you know, there have been rumours about Justin and Emma. But Emma was seen last week having dinner with Andrew Garfield. So now the new rumours involve Justin and Laura Harrier as they were hanging out on a yacht together – see the photos at Page Six. Look at Justin living his best “arty” and “edgy” life, wearing beautiful designer clothes, hanging out on luxury boats, totally unlike the life he lived with Jennifer, with her beautiful real estate and luxury resort vacations. Maybe the problem wasn’t that LA life wasn’t “arty” and “edgy” enough. Maybe the problem was that LA life actually wasn’t deluxe enough for his free creative spirit, you know? Maybe Jennifer’s problem was that she was holding him back from this Riviera high end label life. Maybe what Justin Theroux really wanted was to live life Leonardo DiCaprio styles. We’re not so far from that now, are we?