Love Island terminology is all up in my head because I’ve been watching the American version for the last few weeks. Not caught up yet so please, no spoilers. 


Anyway, seems like this week has given us sightings of two celebrity recouplings after their respective divorces. The first is Justin Theroux – it’s now been five years since he and Jennifer Aniston announced their separation after two and a half years of marriage; they’d been together, total, for about seven years. She remained in LA and he moved back to New York so that he could be cool enough for himself again. 

Justin, 52, was photographed out for dinner on Tuesday in New York with actress Nicole Brydon Bloom, 29. What an unexpected age difference, and this tracks for Justin, who would never dream of doing anything that could be considered a cliché. 


Justin and Nicole were seen kissing at one point and then had their arms around each other when they left. You can see the pictures at PEOPLE and Page Six. PEOPLE reports that the two were also at an event together in February so this relationship might be going on six months. 

Also in New York – Zoë Kravitz’s ex-husband Karl Glusman was papped holding hands with supermodel Imaan Hammam. Zoë and Karl started dating in 2016, got married in 2019, and divorced 18 months later. She’s now with Channing Tatum and Karl has obviously moved on, too. Imaan is known as one of the top models in the industry – she opened the Givenchy show in 2014 when she was just 16 years old, and the first time she covered American Vogue, Anna Wintour actually wrote about her in her editor’s letter, and she’s now a brand ambassador for Estee Lauder. Maybe it’s because she often mentions her in her interviews as one of her inspirations, but Imaan reminds me of Yasmeen Ghauri, one of the top models of the 90s known for her killer runway walk. I just spent 15 minutes looking at her strut. She is magnificent. I’m telling you, because I’m that old bitch, but the runways of today just can’t compare. 


Back to Imaan and Karl – they’ve been rumoured to be together since at least 2021 and he posted about her on Instagram back in March, from the runway:

As you can see, Imaan has learned from her mentor, Yasmeen.