Justin Theroux is very committed to his look. He loves a good muscle tee, a tight tee, and black jeans. He wears boots during a heat wave. No matter what the season or the life-threatening summer climate, Justin Theroux maintains his look.

The only time I’ve seen this man divest from his beloved black denim is when he was on vacation in the south of France (allegedly with Emma Stone). Even then, the muscle tee was in full effect. Justin Theroux’s devotion to this Sons of Anarchy meets Scott Disick aesthetic has another very specific constant – a nod to OG rap gods. 

In April, I laughed at Justin for wearing an Eazy-E t-shirt because he may or may not have been trying to look cool in front of his new black friend. Well now, Justin is paying tribute to another classic hip-hop group. Justin was spotted walking his dog in New York with a “mystery brunette” wearing a Wu-Tang Clan baseball cap. I really need to know if this is a fitted hat or a snapback. God, let it be a snapback. 

There’s less to make fun of Justin for this time. There doesn’t appear to be a black person in sight for him to impress and at least he picked an east coast group since he’s SO artsy New York. He’s worn this hat before (if this was for Laura Harrier’s benefit, she’s way too young to remember Wu-Tang) and since it seems like Justin gets very attached to items of clothing, I’m sure we’ll see it again.


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I think Justin Theroux just really wants everyone to know he loves old-school hip hop, no matter who is around. Just kidding, I think he really wants everyone to think he loves old-school hip hop, just like he wants everyone to think he’s a suffering New York artist who hates Hollywood. Real New Yorkers wear boots, black jeans and rep Raekwon, Method Man, ODB, GZA, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, U-God and Cappadonna. Do you think Justin can name all of the members of Wu-Tang Clan? Either he can’t or he’s the guy who will mansplain every single thing about 36 Chambers and knows his Wu-Tang name (it’s Excessive Menace - put that on a muscle tee!) 

Who’s going to show up on Justin Theroux’s clothing next? My guess is Tupac, because it’s the most obvious. Beastie Boys is my runner up because LOL. Better question: will the heat ever break him? Will the summer of 2018 give us Justin Theroux in shorts and sneakers?