Drake hosted an album release party in London last night to celebrate the success of Scorpion. You’ve probably heard by now that Scorpion is a big ass deal, breaking sales and streaming records and generating memes. You know whose album was NOT a big ass deal? That would be Justin Timberlake and Man of the Woods. #NobodyCares

Justin and Jessica Biel were at Drake’s party last night. A few weeks ago, JT said that he and Drake have been in touch: 

"We’ve talked about [collaborating again] a lot. I don’t wanna say too much because I don’t wanna jinx it, but we’ve talked about it a lot.”

Here are his comments on Scorpion

"I love Scorpion, I think it literally just like answered anything. I think The Boy came correct with that one."

Like it f-cking matters what Justin Timberlake thinks, OK. 

Justin and Drake worked together on Cabaret back in 2013. These days though? Drake could help JT, sure. But how would JT help Drake? What could Justin Timberlake possibly do for Drake? How would Drake benefit from Justin Timberlake? What could Justin Timberlake give Drake that Drake doesn’t already have? What has Justin Timberlake done for Drake – or anyone – lately? (#NeverForget) This is why Justin is at Drake’s party, not the other way around. Get that sh-t out of here. 

Justin is scheduled to play another show in London tonight on the tour #NobodyCares about. The level of #NobodyCares is especially high right now because in England, as you may be aware, everyone only cares about one thing: the football, the World Cup, England vs Croatia. So he thinks he’s doing people a favour:

What if it goes into penalties? Does he delay the start of the show? 

If the result isn’t the one England is hoping for, does that mean he gets blamed and booed? 

Also. This below? Still no.