As mentioned the other day, there will reportedly be an *NSYNC reunion for the new Trolls movie as Justin’s bandmates will be making cameos in the movie and a single is on the way. There are also rumours that they might be putting together a one-time reunion concert though that has yet to be confirmed. 


Yesterday JT was seen in New York, leaving Electric Lady Studios and at one point Jimmy Fallon was with him. Justin and Jimmy, as we all know, have been friends a long time. And they’re always doing music sh-t together, from the Bee Gees to the History of Rap. 

Also yesterday Timbaland announced that he’s dropping a new single on September 1 with Justin and Nelly Furtado. 

It’ll be the first time all three artists have collaborated on a track since “Give It To Me” in 2007. 


Are you seeing the theme that’s emerging here? JT is in his Nostalgia Era and… I love this for him. Because as I said earlier this week in that *NSYNC post, if Justin was poppin’ right now, there would be no way. He wouldn’t be looking back. 

Remember a few years ago during an interview with Zane Lowe when Vegas residencies came up and what he said? That it felt like “planning your retirement”? 

That, by the way, was during the promotional cycle for the Man of the Woods album, a flop. And since then, well, Justin Timberlake hasn’t exactly occupied the same elevated status in the culture that he used to, especially now that we are revisiting so many pop culture moments through a different lens. Justice for Janet, Justice for Britney, Justice for Prince, Justice for JC, goddammit! 


So there’s a reason why JT is going back to that old well, tapping into those memories, trying to take people back to the time when he was the industry golden boy. Like I said, I love this for him, because in doing this it means he’s probably had to acknowledge that his star has faded. I imagine him choking on this reality, the reality of needing *NSYNC and Timbaland and the nostalgia. But that also exposes the truth. 

JT has always needed others. Without *NSYNC, without Britney, and without Timbaland, what would he be?