It’s been just about two months since Justin Timberlake was photographed in New Orleans, very drunk, humiliating himself and his wife. Immediately afterwards his team tried to play it off like it was nothing. Then he posted a sh-tty apology that ended with him PROMOTING HIS MOVIE. Good look. Hey, so I messed up and embarrassed my family and I’m so sorry about that but… this movie I’m working on is going to be really good! 

During the holidays, Justin and Jessica stayed pretty quiet, no posts on social media. Which is why Us Weekly ran a story last week about how Jessica is “still upset” with Justin. And so here they are, in New York this weekend, photographed smiling at each other while walking happily down the street. It’s a happiness photo shoot. Totally not staged, of course. This just happened, like, accidentally, OK? 

Still, once again, intentional or not, she’s stepping up to make his ass look good even though he can hardly be counted on to return the favour. Even when he f-cks up, the JT “me me me” approach to life is still in full effect. Maybe that will change going forward. Maybe he’ll actively work as hard to promote her as she does to promote him. What are the chances?  

So we are where we started – because as I said a couple of months ago, there was no way that this would end them. A pregnancy would be more likely.